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Clearance Mosaic

Gleam Graphite Metal Wave

Gleam Silver Ovals

Masquerade Colombina

Textural Hexagon Mosaic

Urban Tapestry

Henley Multi Finish

Rockmount Contemporary

Rockmount stack stone panels for indoor and outdoor use. From backsplash to fireplace and anywhere in between stack stone panels make a stunning addition to your home.

Arctic White Multi Finish

Cosmic Gray 3D Wave

Alaska Gray 3D Honed

featured tiles

Traktion Collection

Perfect for indoor and outdoor high traffic areas, this collection makes safety look classy. The anti-slip technology makes it exceptionally slip resistant. These two collections both have a natural stone look and come in both 12x24 and 24x48 sizes.

Playing With Shapes

Shapes make such a visual impact! Either hexagon, fan, or square there is no denying it they create a fun, playful and even unique design statement. These looks are available for special order through MSI. You can also find some fun and classic looks in many styles and colors in our stock selection. So stop by and let's have some fun!

The Capri Blue Collection

Fresh, bright and inspired by nature. This light grey, blue and gold marble tile is comfortable in any design setting.

Kenzzi Porcelain Tile Collection

If you love the timeless look of European encaustic tile, Kenzzi Porcelain is for you. From stylized flowers to mod geometrics, our glazed porcelain tile collection features a variety of designs in small tiles. Whether creating rug patterns on the floor, or mixing and matching these matte beauties on the wall, get ready for guest envy. MSI

Pure Vinyl Wood Plank Floors